HONIKO has a complete production system for smart and environmentally friendly bathroom hardware products! HIMARK production base includes raw material testing center, mold manufacturing center, automatic polishing center, precision welding center, gravity casting center, PVD vacuum plating center, CNC intelligent processing center, parts assembly department, pneumatic and hydraulic testing center and other comprehensive departments. , Salt Spray Test Center, etc. Keeping pace with the times, HIMARK not only carries out technical upgrades, process upgrades, and equipment upgrades, but also continuously optimizes and upgrades the management of the enterprise, so as to achieve integrated information management during the entire production process, effectively providing you with strong quality assurance and service.


We provide professional and private customized services, custom development of faucets and showers, outer packaging, LOGO, product specifications.
Has a various choices of surface finishes which complement any bathroom. In addition to Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Black Paint, Gold, White Paint, ORB, Rose Gold, Matte Black, etc single color, we also provide White+Chrome, White +Gold, MatteBlack+Chrome etc mix color.